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Elektra heads up the Goddess of the Dunes belly dance company, and has been belly dancing since 2002. Her undying passion for belly dance inspired her to share her belly dance journey with like minded women who are looking to enrich their lives through movement and music.


Elektra has been a professional performer since 2005 and has performed all over South Africa and internationally for Saudi royalty, King of Swaziland. She has appeared on numerous TV shows, interviews, and television ADS. 


Goddess of the Dunes Professional Belly Dance Company is one of South Africa's most prestigious Middle Eastern dance companies. The troupe has been selected by Elektra and are the most talented performers in South Africa. Each dancer has been internationally trained and has over 50 years collective experience in performing and teaching the art. The troupe have performed all over the world and for Saudi Royalty family, The  King of Swaziland, appeared in local TV shows, ADS and newspapers. Goddess of the Dunes was also part of the 2010 Soccer World Cup.


Goddess of the Dunes performers are a group of passionate, dedicated and skilled artists. They truly love what they do and have taken entertainment to the next level! We offer many types of professional artists for all types of functionsOur artists have extensive experience performing at private and corporate events. Goddess of the Dunes is based in Johannesburg and has a national footprint of artists. 

what we do


We provide professional belly dancers for performances at corporate events, weddings, parties and a variety of other functions. We pride ourselves on delivering top class entertainment that showcases the grace and sophisticated skill of authentic belly dancing.


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Classes & Workshops

We offer morning and evening belly dance classes and weekend workshops for all levels from beginner to professional. Women of all ages, sizes and fitness levels experience great benefits from belly dancing, including weight loss, improved posture and greater confidence. But, above all, learning to belly dance is about having fun, de-stressing, rediscovering your femininity and getting in touch with your body.


Our teachers - all professional performers - are trained in teaching methods to ensure that you get the most out of our classes.


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who we are

Meet our team of teachers and performers...



Professional performer and belly dance teacher: Elektra


Head of the company,

Teacher, Performer




  Professional performer and belly dance instructor: Amy


Teacher, Performer

Professional performer and belly dance instructor: Natasha


Teacher, Performer

  Professional belly dancer: Natalie


Teacher, Performer


Professional belly dancer: Stephanie










Professional bellydancers performing with fire sticks and shamadan at a corporate function





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