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Sandi is a professional belly dance artist and teacher with Goddess of the Dunes Belly Dance Company since 2009. She currently teaches four nights a week divided between the Morningside and Woodmead studios. Although classical Egyptian forms the basis of her dance style and teaching method, she enjoys an eclectic style of dance the most. She likes to blend classical movements with modern flair, and draw inspiration from dance and culture around the world. I'm not afraid to experiment in dance, and can often be seen fusing hip hop, Latin American, and Brazilian samba style dancing with belly dance. She was also a South African Drum Majorette champion in her schooling years, and as such likes to draw on the skills she learnt with technical mace work to spice up Saiidi cane dance performances. She is an incredibly energetic and passionate dancer, and is proficient in most props. However, she prefers to captivate audiences with Wings of Isis, fire, cane, and drum solos the most.


Her interest in Belly dance goes profoundly deeper than just the physical aspects of this beautiful art form. Given that she will soon be qualifying with a Master's degree in Psychology, it should come as no surprise then that she has a personal interest in understanding the psychological aspects behind belly dance and the women who choose to express themselves through this powerful dance form. Her experiences of teaching women to belly dance has allowed her a platform to develop a strong interest for the body-mind, spiritual, and therapeutic connection of this dance, and as such she often combines her teaching skills with her psychology background to provide women with the perfect opportunity to nurture and develop themselves physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Through teaching women to belly dance she has seen many women learn to love themselves and develop a ‘once-forgotten' healthy connection to their bodies again. Without a doubt, belly dance is not just entertaining and physically uplifting, but it is emotionally and spiritually empowering too. These are the principles by which she teaches and performs, and in so-doing hopes to pass on to others.


how I got started

Initially, Sandi started learning to belly dance in 2005 in an attempt to take up an exercise form and pastime that would help her to achieve a healthier work-life balance. Soon after joining, she discovered that she had a natural passion and flair for belly dance as if she had known it all her life, and so continued to dance throughout that year. In 2008, she was introduced to Elektra and decided to train more seriously with her. Four nights of training per week saw her rise to professional level at the end of 2008. At the beginning of 2009 she started teaching students and dancing professionally for audiences. She has been training, teaching, and performing since, and will continue to do so for many more years to come.

regular gigs

  • Marrakesh Lounge
  • Ocean Basket
  • Plaka

career highlights

  • Heading up the Morningside studio
  • Head teacher for Morningside and Woodmead studios, and occasionally teaching at the Olivedale studio
  • Featured alongside Elektra in a belly dance article for My Meek Magazine


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