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We have teamed up with amazing artists to compliment our Middle Eastern entertainment. We offer many types of specialty acts for all types of functions. Our artists have many years of experience performing at private and corporate events. We have artists all over South Africa and travel overseas for events.


  • Hula dancers
    Hypnotic Hula dancers sashaying to the sounds of the island. Dynamic and entertaining shows.

  • Fire acts
    Set the night alight! With explosive fire displays with fire jugglers, fire poi and fire blowers and eaters.

  • Middle Eastern drummers
    add an authentic Middle Eastern atmosphere to any event. Compliment this act with a gorgeous belly dancer dancing in perfect rhythm with the drumming.

  • Bollywood Dancers
    Our amazing troupe of Bollywood superstars regularly perform for the Indian Consulate. Our Bollywood dancers offer dynamic and fun choreography; stunningly presented in glittering costumes our bollywood dance troupe performed

  • Indian musicians

  • Contortionists
    this amazing performer will astound your guests with her contortion. A unique and daring act which pushes the limits of the human form.

  • Snake charmers
    Add a touch of the exotic to your event with a scintillating snake handler. Our gorgeous snake handler roves around the venue with a 2m Burmese python. She also performs a 3min dance act with the snake.

  • Henna artists
    Pamper your guests with a beautiful temporary henna tattoo. We can offer traditional henna tattoo or glitter/crystal tattoo which washes off immediately.

  • Tarot readers
    Bring the magic alive at your event with our talented and experienced tarot reader. Our tarot reader will provide some short five minute readings individually to your guest with the air of being able to delight and entertain as well as being able to provide positive insights for the recipient.

  • Living tables
    Strolling human tables make a unique meet and greet centre piece at any corporate or private event. The tables will entertain in the character of your choice, create an exciting buzz and meet and greet your guests on arrival with their first cocktail or appetizer of the evening. Also great for registration and product launches.

  • Aerial silk act
















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